IEEE DAY IEEE SIGHT ESPRIT SBG Workshop Design Thinking and pitching

The IEEE Day celebration commenced with a warm welcome as attendees checked in at the registration desk. A sense of excitement filled the air as participants received their event badges and program schedules.

The event formally began with a presentation that aimed to familiarize the audience with the IEEE’s mission, vision, and the vital role it plays in the world of technology and engineering. Key highlights of the presentation included:

  1. History and Overview of IEEE: An introduction to the history, objectives, and global presence of IEEE. This section emphasized IEEE’s role as a leading authority in technology and engineering.

  2. IEEE’s Mission: A comprehensive explanation of IEEE’s mission to advance technology for the benefit of humanity. This included examples of significant IEEE contributions and initiatives.

  3. The Role of IEEE Executive Boards: Attendees learned about the structure and functions of IEEE’s executive boards, including the Board of Directors, Technical Activities, and Membership and Geographic Activities, and their impact on the organization’s direction.

  4. Career and Networking Opportunities: Information on how IEEE membership can benefit students and professionals by providing access to resources, networking events, and career development opportunities. 

After the enlightening presentation, attendees had the opportunity to choose from a selection of workshops, each focusing on a specific aspect of technology and engineering. These workshops were designed to provide hands-on experiences and foster interaction among participants.

As for the IEEE ESPRIT SIGHT GROUP, the workshop was about “Design thinking” that was presented by our diligent and meticulous speaker Mrs Jihene Rezgui an associate professor, soft skills trainer and transformation Coach.

Participants learned how to become dynamic thinkers, saw the relationship between concepts rather than getting tied into binary thinking. Mrs Jihene also highlighted the imporance of fostering a creative,user-centered mindset to arrive at innovative solutions to complex problems in various fields such as product designing,service design,business strategy, and social innovation.

The workshop’s interactive and collaborative nature resonated well with the attendees, fostering a sense of engagement and creativity. Throughout the workshop, participants were actively involved in brainstorming, ideation, and problem-solving activities, which encouraged a dynamic exchange of ideas. The speaker’s facilitation skills were commendable, as they encouraged open dialogue and ensured that every voice was heard. This inclusive approach not only created a vibrant and interactive atmosphere but also allowed participants to learn from each other’s diverse perspectives. By the end of the workshop, it was evident that the participants had not only gained valuable insights into the design thinking process but had also developed a strong sense of camaraderie, making it a memorable and enjoyable learning experience for all involved.