IEEE Day2023 – IEEE ENSAF Student Branch

IEEE DAY event promises to be a day
captivating integration, designed specifically for
ENSAF students. Our main objective is to
provide a single platform where these students can
not only meet their peers, but also interact
with fifth year students who will share
their valuable academic and professional experience in IEEE.
This meeting with elders who have traveled the path
of the IEEE ENSAF Student Branch will allow them to acquire
valuable perspectives on their own journey
academic and professional.
We are determined to inspire and motivate our
students to seek a professional environment and
friendly to start their career in IEEE. This is why everything
throughout the day we will organize sessions
interactive, discussions and success stories
which will highlight the benefits of involvement in
the IEEE ENSAF Student Branch. By participating in our
event, ENSAF students will have
the opportunity to explore the benefits of belonging to
this dynamic community, to develop their
skills and create valuable connections for their future.
We warmly welcome students to join
this enriching day, where they will be able to broaden their
horizons, find inspiration and prepare to make their
first steps in the professional world while
benefiting from the kind support of the IEEE ENSAF Student