IEEE ENETCOM SB Celebrating IEEE Day with the IEEE Tunisia Section

On this special occasion of IEEE Day, IEEE ENETCOM SB participated in three enriching webinars hosted by the IEEE Tunisia Section. These webinars were opportunities for our members to dive deep into the world of IEEE, exchange knowledge, and connect with experts and enthusiasts.

  • On October 4th, Mr. Khaldoun Taktak led a session on ‘IEEE Student Branch 101: Navigating Your Path to Success,‘ followed by Mrs. Tasnim Chiboub‘s discussion on ‘Empowering Women in STEM and IES,’ focusing on the pivotal role of women in the Industrial Electronics Society.
  • On October 5th, Mr. Seif Elhajjem presented ‘Empowering Young Professionals in the IEEE Community,’ followed by Mrs. Sahar Youssef, who provided valuable insights into ‘Beyond Achievements: Understanding IEEE Awards and Recognition.’
  • On October 6th saw us explore ‘Empowering Communities through IEEE EPICS‘ with Mr. Samarth Deo.

These sessions have enriched our branch with knowledge and inspiration, reinforcing our commitment to expanding our understanding and actively contributing to the IEEE community.