The IEEE Student Branch at College of Engineering Kallooppara conducted the “IEEE
EXPERIENCE” event to collect experiences from members of the IEEE Student Branch at CEK. The event utilized Google Forms as a
platform to efficiently gather and analyze member feedback on their onboarding process.

The objective of the “IEEE EXPERIENCE” event was to gather valuable insights and feedback
from recently joined members of the IEEE Student Branch at CEK. Utilizing the Google Forms
platform, the event aimed to understand the motivations for joining, evaluate the onboarding
process, and identify areas for improvement in order to enhance the overall experience for new
members. Ultimately, the goal was to foster a more inclusive and responsive IEEE community at CEK
based on the shared experiences and feedback of its members.

The “IEEE EXPERIENCE” event successfully collected meaningful feedback through Google Forms,
providing valuable insights into the perspectives and experiences of recently joined members at IEEE
Student Branch, CEK. Analysis of the responses revealed positive aspects of the onboarding process,
identified areas for improvement, and will serve as a foundation for enhancing the overall member
experience. The outcomes will guide future initiatives, ensuring the continual growth and
effectiveness of the IEEE community at CEK.