IEEE Fiesta, hosted by the IEEE Student Branch ASIET, was a two-day event dedicated to celebrating IEEE Day on the 3rd and 4th of October 2023. The event was designed to introduce students to the world of IEEE and provide them with a platform for engaging with IEEE in a fun and collaborative manner. 


The primary objective of IEEE Fiesta was to shed light on the benefits and opportunities associated with IEEE membership while providing a chance for students to interact and collaborate within the IEEE community.


The event kicked off with an online talk session, “All About IEEE” led by Neha Jasmin, Student Representative, IEEE Kochi Hub, conducted on Google Meet. This one-hour session was instrumental in introducing IEEE to the attendees. Neha shared her journey with IEEE, explained its significance, benefits, and the opportunities it provides. Her insights and experiences were invaluable in helping students gain a comprehensive understanding of IEEE. Additionally, the session allowed participants to ask questions and clarify any doubts they had regarding IEEE, thus fostering engagement and curiosity.


The second day featured a one-hour task-based competition that encouraged active participation. Students were divided into groups, and each group was assigned tasks to complete collaboratively. The competition culminated in a tie between two teams, showcasing the enthusiasm and skill of the participants. Following this, 11 outstanding students advanced to the individual round in which they were judged based on their submissions and winners were selected.


In the end, the winners were awarded with valuable prizes, which included a free IEEE membership as first prize and a 30% discount on IEEE membership as second prize, further incentivizing students to become a part of the IEEE community.


Overall, IEEE Fiesta was a great success in promoting membership development and generating interest in IEEE.The event effectively introduced students to IEEE, imparting a clear understanding of IEEE’s advantages and opportunities. It served as a platform for students to engage with IEEE in a fun and collaborative way, ultimately achieving its aim of strengthening the IEEE community at ASIET.