IEEE Hashemite University – IEEE Day Event, A Celebration of Innovation and Collaboration

Event Overview:

The IEEE Day Event was an incredible celebration of innovation, collaboration, and technological prowess, bringing together the diverse members of IEEE Hashemite University Student Branch (IEEE HU SB) and students from various backgrounds. The event was a resounding success, featuring three sponsors – Leo Cookies, Meetup for cold drinks, and Caffino for hot drinks. It was a comprehensive showcase of the various IEEE societies, with a significant audience of 200-300 attendees.


Event Highlights:

The IEEE Day Event was organized into four distinct sections, each representing different aspects of IEEE’s mission and the contributions of various IEEE societies:

Technical Section: This segment showcased projects and innovations from IEEE societies It provided a platform for students to share their technical advancements and research, fostering knowledge exchange and inspiration.


Membership Developers Section: The Membership Developers Section, led by IEEE’s Membership Development Strategies (MDS), aimed to attract new members and engage existing ones. It demonstrated the vibrant community within IEEE HU SB and offered insights into the benefits of IEEE membership.


Photo Section: The Photo Section beautifully captured the essence of the event, immortalizing moments of collaboration, excitement, and learning. These photos serve as a visual testament to the success and enthusiasm that permeated the day.


Games Booth: The Games Booth was a hub of recreational activities, promoting teamwork and interaction. Attendees had the opportunity to relax and have fun, fostering camaraderie and networking.


Society Contributions:

The IEEE Day Event featured an outstanding contribution from various IEEE societies, including but not limited to:

EMBS presented groundbreaking projects related to medical technology and healthcare.

CS displayed cutting-edge software innovations and programming developments.

WIE (Women in Engineering) highlighted the role of women in STEM fields.

PES (Power & Energy Society) showcased advancements in the energy sector.

IAS (Industry Applications Society) presented industrial applications of technology.

EA (Educational activities) displayed innovative educational methods and projects in engineering field.

RAS (Robotics and Automation Society) showed the audience a new robotics demonstrations.

Collaboration and Success:

The event’s enormous success was a testament to the spirit of collaboration and innovation that IEEE HU SB promotes. The dynamic presence of various societies and their contributions enriched the event, providing a comprehensive experience for attendees. It showcased the diversity and talents of IEEE members and demonstrated that IEEE is not just a professional organization but a vibrant community of enthusiastic individuals.