In celebration of this year’s IEEE Day, we, the IEEE Student Branch at Hashemite University, organized the event into four distinct sections: MDs (membership developers), technical, entertainment, and photography. As the Robotics and Automation Society, we ensured that all the booths were automated. Moreover, we made a deliberate effort to showcase modern and upcoming technologies at the technical booth.

Before engaging with each interactive project, comprehensive explanations were provided, allowing students to understand the principles behind the technologies they were experiencing. Our ultimate goal is to make this day beneficial for students who may not have previously encountered IEEE, with the hope of inspiring them to consider becoming members of the IEEE Society.


Technical Booth:

  • Arm Robot.
  • Astronomical observatories and automation.
  • Fire Detecting Robot.

Entertainment Booth:

  • Jzero Sumo Robot connected with a Bluetooth module for control via smartphones, featuring a Sumo robot contest arena.
  • Memory Piano game made with Arduino.

Membership Developer Booth:

  • Random Question Game with Arduino.
  • Pins distributed to RAS members.
  • In-depth discussions about IEEE RAS membership benefits and an announcement about IEEE HU RAS Web.

Photography Booth:

  • Filter the link :
  • Quotes related to robotics to photoing with it