IEEE Malaysia Section Women in Engineering Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement Competition

A capability-building workshop, which leads to a skill enhancement competition will be held on 9th October 2023. 

 Bring together Women in Engineering (WIE) AG Chairs and Members.
 Facilitate a Capacity Building Meetup.
 Organize a competition focused on capacity building and skill enhancement.
 Provide valuable insights into global WIE Funding Opportunities for Networking

 Expected Outcomes:
1. Enhanced Leadership Skills: Participants will acquire valuable leadership skills and
knowledge through interactive sessions and discussions, enhancing their
effectiveness as WIE AG Chairs and Members.
2. Increased Collaboration: The meetup will serve as a platform for networking and
collaboration among WIE AG Chairs and Members, fostering a sense of community
and a shared purpose.
3. Global Funding Opportunities: Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of
available funding opportunities for WIE networking events, enabling them to secure
resources more effectively.
4. Strengthened IEEE Malaysia Section WIE: This event will contribute to the growth
and development of the IEEE Malaysia Section Women in Engineering community,
leading to more impactful initiatives and projects.
5. Sustainability: The knowledge and insights gained during this workshop will have a
lasting impact, ensuring the sustainability and enhancement of the WIE community’s
activities in the long term.
6. Future Collaboration: Attendees will be encouraged to identify potential
collaboration opportunities, both within the WIE community and with other IEEE
Malaysia Section initiatives, further strengthening the IEEE network in the region.