IEEE Membership Drive

In the second event of the collaborative IEEE Day and Ingenuity celebration, attendees were privileged to hear from Dr. Vineeth Vijayan, the esteemed Secretary of IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Asia Pacific region and a distinguished PhD graduate from IIT Kanpur. The event, held in DA229 on October 9th from 5:30 PM onwards with around 20 attendees, revolved around a pivotal topic: “IEEE Membership Drive.” Vineeth elucidated multiple benefits of IEEE membership tailored for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students. His informative talk highlighted the extensive collaborative opportunities IEEE offers its members, ranging from Access to leading research, Networking opportunities, Publications, Ethical and professional standards, exclusive workshops to conferences, all at discounted rates. Additionally, he shed light on the financial support avenues available to students, including fellowships provided by IEEE. Vineeth’s presentation also emphasized the unique benefits of PES membership, an additional layer within IEEE memberships, and DEIS memberships, ensuring students are well-informed about domain-specific opportunities for both research advancements and future career prospects. He engaged the audience sharing his personal experience with IEEE society.  This event not only created awareness amongst attendees about the array of advantages associated with IEEE membership, but also encourage them to actively engage with the IEEE community, marking a significant step toward fostering a generation of well-informed engineers and researchers.