In preparation for the upcoming IEEE Day Celebrations, a meeting was convened with the primary objective of organizing and coordinating the event. The meeting was organized by the SRU Student Branch Chair Mr.  Sujal and the meeting was attended by IEEE ExCom members and IEEE members of SRU who has discussed various aspects of the event and made key decisions.

One of the key outcomes of the meeting was that the preparation of a comprehensive committee list, ensuring of various responsibilities would be effectively distributed among the volunteers. The venue and timings for the IEEE Day celebrations were also thoroughly deliberated and finalized during the meeting.

A significant highlight of the meeting was a brief event explanation given by Mr. Sujal (SRU Student Branch Chair) and Mr. Ganapathi (SN) outlining the purpose and activities to be carried out during the celebrations. Moreover, SRU IEEE Chair made an important announcement by officially introducing the student branch committees and their respective members.

In line with these developments, volunteers were assigned to specific committees based on their interests and expertise. Each committee member received clear instructions regarding their responsibilities, which include tasks such as event planning, logistics coordination, promotion, and more. The emphasis was placed on regular communication, adherence to deadlines, collaboration among committee members, and efficient reporting of progress or issues to the SRU IEEE Chair.

With these key decisions and assignments in place, the preparations for IEEE Day celebrations are well underway, and the committees are poised to work together effectively to ensure the success of this event. The next steps involve diligent execution of tasks and maintaining open lines of communication among all committee members

Following a thorough discussion and confirmation at the conclusion of our meeting, we are pleased to present the formal committee list for the upcoming IEEE Day celebrations. This list encompasses the various committees and their respective members who will play pivotal roles in ensuring the success of this prestigious event