“Intelligent System – Is it IoT”

With the new initiative on IEEE Day, our IEEE Dibrugarh Univ Student Branch hosted an event on 8th October’23 titled “Intelligent System – Is it IoT,” aimed at providing participants with a foundational knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT) while engaging them with a practical project. The event’s highlights included a hands-on project where participants collaborated to create a virtual “smart building.” Guided by one of our members Hirak Jyoti Adhikari, who provided valuable insights and tutoring, students used Wowki and Blynk software platforms to perform their project. This practical experience allowed them to apply IoT concepts and offered a glimpse into the exciting world of smart technology. This virtual smart building showcased the potential of IoT, with features like automated temperature and lighting control, as well as remote monitoring of security systems.

In conclusion, the event was a resounding success. Participants not only gained essential insights into IoT but also had the opportunity to implement their knowledge in a creative project. The enthusiasm of the students signals a promising future for IoT-related activities within the institution.