As part of our initiative ENERGISE- Empowering Engineers with Necessary Software Expertise and IEEE DAY Celebrations 2023 IEEE PELS SBC NSSCE has conducted a session on KiCad The session was conducted on two days 3rd and 4th of October at 7:00 PM. The session was handled by Adithya P Rajeev, Project Intern at Smart Agri Tech Centre for Advanced Research and Development, IIT Palakkad.


The session aimed at introducing the participants to the basics of using KiCad for schematic design and PCB Layout. The session began with an introduction to KiCad providing an overview of its features and capabilities including its toolbars, navigation and basic functionalities. Participants were guided throughout the session regarding the installation and setup process. The session was planned in such a way that on the first day of session detailed demonstrations on creating  schematic symbols, connecting components  was done ,some participants faced  initial challenges in locating specific tools and options but it was addressed through appropriate guidance and clarification and there after the successful completion of the first day of the session, on second day a brief summary on the same was provided and later on a circuit design was depicted to the participants and every one was  eager to design the circuit along with the speaker in their respective systems. After its completion a question answer session was provided where the participants were able interact  with speaker and their queries were addressed .The most overwhelming part was the eagerness of each and every participant throughout the session with an interest in learning something new. Speaker handled the session in such a way that it is understandable to everyone regardless of the limitations of the online platform.

The session reached a wide range of acceptance among the students from various departments. Even the participants from non circuit branches found it  innovative as we know Technology is the driving force behind innovation and it has the power to change the world.

Many students from different branches demanded to provide more such sessions on KiCad or any other simulation software and we are eager to provide even more sessions based on various simulation softwares through our series of sessions named ENERGISE.