Keynote Speech Prof. Oscar Quevedo-Teruel (Royal Institute of Technology – KTH) – A fast ray-tracing code for the simulation of lens antennas

In this talk, Prof. Quevedo-Teruel will explain the operation of a ray-tracing code that can be used to calculate in a few seconds, and extremely accurately, the radiation pattern, efficiency and gain of lens antennas. Lenses are an excellent candidate for new applications in the millimeter frequency regime, especially for antennas with low-scan losses. For example, they are being considered for antenna solutions in 5G/6G, satellite communications in Low-Earth Orbit constellations and automotive radars. However, their simulation and optimization are time-consuming due to their large dimensions in terms of wavelength. In this presentation, Prof. Quevedo-Teruel will explain the theory of ray-tracing, its features, and he will demonstrate its operation with some practical examples.