The IEEE STB (Student Branch) orchestrated an Article Writing Competition, extending an
open invitation to all the bona fide students of AMU on the 7th of October, 2023, at NL-22,
NL Block.
The event commenced promptly at 1 PM and concluded at 2 PM, adhering to an offline
mode of participation. The organizing committee meticulously laid out comprehensive
guidelines, ensuring uniformity in execution and fostering an equitable platform for all
The participants were presented with a diverse array of stimulating topics for their written
contributions. These included engaging subjects such as “Augmented Reality vs Virtual
Reality.” “Block chain Technologies and Illegal Transactions Risk.” “Artificial Intelligence in
Food Industry, and several other pertinent themes spanning from 5G technology to Green
To further fuel the competitive spirit, enticing prizes awaited the distinguished winners. The
laurels included a generous prize money distribution of Rs 500 for the first prize, Rs 300 for
the second prize, and Rs 200 for the third prize.
The event encapsulated a dynamic blend of intellectual discourse, innovative thinking, and
an eagerness to explore the forefront of technological advancements. It provided an
invaluable platform for students to articulate their perspectives and insights on pivotal
subjects shaping the contemporary technological landscape.
In summation, the IEEE STB’s Article Writing Competition was a resounding success
exemplifying the collaborative spirit and intellectual vigour of the student community at AMU