The IEEE Executive Committee convened on October 1st to discuss and finalize a diverse array of activities for the upcoming IEEE Day event. The meeting yielded an extensive program, including technical workshops that will delve into cutting-edge technology and engineering topics, student competitions, and engaging webinars and talks featuring renowned speakers who will shed light on emerging trends in various IEEE-related fields. 


In addition, the event will feature hackathons and coding challenges to showcase members’ technical skills, exhibitions and poster sessions for members to present their projects and research, and community outreach initiatives aimed at engaging with the local community through tech awareness programs and STEM education.


Moreover, the committee dedicated significant attention to sponsorship management strategies. This involved identifying potential sponsors across industry, academia, and government sectors, and crafting tailored sponsorship packages offering varying levels of engagement and visibility to prospective sponsors.


These meticulous plans underscore the committee’s dedication to orchestrating an IEEE Day event that not only engages and enriches its members and the community but also secures essential support from sponsors to realize its full potential.