Navigating your Academic Journey: Insights and success strategies for new Explorers.

A webinar on Navigating your Academic Journey: Insights and Success strategies for New Explorers was organized by IEEE CASS SBC on 05.10.23, Mr. Ayyappan Subramanian,Graduate student at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada delivered the talk online. 74 students have participated in this webinar.  

Mr. Ayyappan Subramanian provided valuable guidance to the students during his talk. He explained to them how to position themselves as strong candidates throughout the interview process. Additionally, he elucidated the distinctions between a resume and a portfolio, offering insights on how to effectively create a portfolio. Mr. Subramanian engaged with the students, addressing their academic challenges and providing solutions.

Furthermore, he shared information on the process of applying for higher education in foreign universities, including the necessary documents required for such applications. Overall, the webinar proved to be highly informative and beneficial for the students.