The “Overview about Commercial Solar Projects” event took place on October 5, 2023, from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. It was organized as part of the IEEE Day celebration by the IEEE IAS SBC of NSS College of Engineering , Palakkad. The session, conducted by Mr. Rakesh Ravi, a Graduate Engineer at Larsen and Toubro, attracted significant interest with 62 registrations, and a total of 50 participants attended the event.


The session covered crucial aspects of commercial solar projects, including PV systems, power grid integration, off-grid/stand-alone solutions, and solar panel technologies. Amritha P.V initiated the event with a warm welcome speech, setting the tone for an engaging and informative evening. Rakesh Ravi’s presentation offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


As the session concluded, Angelin Anto expressed gratitude in a thank you speech, thanking Mr. Rakesh Ravi and acknowledging the organizers and participants for their contributions. The event successfully met its objective of educating and enlightening participants about commercial solar projects, aligning well with the spirit of IEEE Day.