On the occasion of IEEE week, IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE)- Affinity Group, ZHCET, AMU organized a virtual ‘Panel Discussion’. We were elated to host a Panel Discussion on ‘Engineering Technologies, Innovation, and Women Engineers’. The event was marked by the presence of Dr. Asma Aziz (Lecturer in Power Engineering, Edith Cowan University, Australia), Dr. Smita Sharma (Professor Amity School of Engg. and Technology, Senior Member of IEEE WIE), Mr. Mohammad Rihan (Vice Chairperson, Executive Committee, IEEE UP Section, Professor Electrical engg. at Aligarh Muslim University), Mr. Asheesh Kumar Singh (Former Chairperson IEEE, PELS Society, Professor Electrical engg. at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad) and many other professors of Electrical Engineering Department.  The future of innovation was offered insight by the speakers, who also gave the upcoming generation of innovative engineers more power. A fascinating panel discussion honoring the extraordinary accomplishments of women engineers who are pushing boundaries and altering industries as bright minds get together to delve deeply into the world of developing technology. It was a very interactive event. Presenters and speakers welcomed audience participation and questions. Every participant engaged in active participation, posing inquiries about the topic of “Engineering Technologies, Innovation, and Women Engineers.” A team meeting featuring the speakers and faculty members marked the end of the event. They talked about the IEEE WIE- AG’s future aims and objectives. They inspired young people to function well as a team and offered some helpful advice.