Participation in TUNED event

Our participation in the renowned TUNED (Tunisia Engineering Day) Event hosted by IEEE ENIT Student Branch was a momentous occasion that exemplified our Student Branch’s commitment to excellence.

At this remarkable event, our IEEE ENICarthage Student Branch members participate in the workshops and challenges contributing to the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the fields of engineering and technology.

Notably, our esteemed ambassador, Sahar Dhahri, received the prestigious Best Ambassador Award, a testament to her outstanding dedication and contributions to our student branch and to the IEEE community.

Her recognition is not only a source of immense pride for our Student Branch but also a reflection of our team’s unwavering commitment to advancing engineering and technology in the region.

Our participation in Tuned Event was a shining example of how our Student Branch actively fosters talent, connects with peers, and leaves an indelible mark on the IEEE community.