PES Quiz

Goal of the Event:

As part of IEEE Day, the goal of the event was to attract first-year students to IEEE by organizing an engaging quiz competition. The questions, spanning 10 Power and Energy, 10 Science and Maths, 5 General Knowledge, and 5 IEEE history and activities, aimed to showcase the diverse fields and opportunities within the IEEE community.


Event Description:

IEEE SB CEK, under IEEE PES Kerala Chapter, organized a quiz exclusively for first-year students on October 3rd. This challenging event comprised 30 questions, encouraging participants to delve into Power and Energy, Science and Maths, General Knowledge, and IEEE history and activities. 

The competition concluded with an unexpected tie for the 3rd position among four students, prompting a thrilling tiebreaker round. Harikrishnan A S secured the 3rd position through the tiebreaker, joining Nirmal Shankar A S and V Sumesh Ram as the final winners.


About Participants:

The event attracted approximately 170 participants, showcasing a high level of interest and engagement among first-year students. The unexpected tie for the 3rd position highlighted the equal proficiency and enthusiasm of the participants. Harikrishnan A S emerged as the 3rd position winner through the tiebreaker, contributing to the success of the event.