Pitch Perfect: A Project Proposal Presentation Competition

The IEEE Computer Society hosted an engaging event called “Pitch Perfect: AProject Presentation Competition.” Teams participating in this competition are encouraged to present concise 8-10 minute overviews of either operational or proposed projects. 
The event spanned various domains like Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics, website and application Development, and blockchain, along with other fields related to the engineering domain. The primary aim was to nurture and amplify research interest among both graduate and undergraduate students.
This captivating competition took place in virtual mode where teams of size 1-3, participated in the event. It featured a diverse array of presentations. These ranged from projects focused on hardware to cutting-edge initiatives in machine learning. After the presentation, some technical questions were asked by the members of the IEEE Computer Society chapter along with the practicality and viability of the project. The event winners will be awarded a cash prize of INR 1000/-along with certifications.