Preparation for IEEE Day Celebration

We contacted Mr. Khaldoun Taktak to host an IEEE Membership benefits session, we came together to prepare a thrilling Hackathon with 10 problems related to Smart Cities to explore innovative ideas: 

Traffic Congestion Management: Efforts to alleviate and regulate highly crowded and slow-moving traffic conditions.

Cultural Preservation: Revive and preserve historical and cultural sites, allowing residents and tourists to experience the city’s heritage.

Waste Management: Efficient handling and disposal of waste materials.

Public Safety: Measures and services aimed at protecting and ensuring the safety of the general public.

Energy Efficiency: Optimizing the use of energy resources to reduce waste and consumption.

Water Conservation: The responsible and efficient use of water resources to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Public Transportation: improve the convenience and efficiency of public transportation.

Healthcare Access: The availability and ability of individuals to obtain healthcare services.

Smart Governance and Civic Engagement: Utilizing technology and involving citizens in the decision-making process for efficient and responsive governance.

Food Distribution: Effective and optimized delivery of food from producers to consumers, reducing waste and ensuring accessibility.

We also prepared an exciting Trivia Show with 50 questions also related to smart cities to foster a greater understanding of the future.