Synergies in Robotics: Multi-Agent Systems in Aerospace Engineering & Nature

IEEE NSU SB WIE AG organized a seminar titled “Synergies in Robotics: Multi-Agent Systems in Aerospace Engineering and Nature” in collaboration with IEEE NSU SB and IEEE NSU RAS SBC in celebration of IEEE Day’23, themed ‘Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow’ on the 11th October 2023 at AUDI801 in North South University premises.The speakers for this seminar were Dr. Shahnewaz Siddique, Associate Professor of ECE Department of  North South University and Dr. Sifat Momen, Associate Professor of ECE Department of North South University. Dr. Lamia Iftekhar, Associate Professor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the faculty advisor of IEEE NSU RAS SBC was also present at the seminar.

The session started with a warm welcome from Dr. Lamia Iftekhar who expressed her thoughts on Multi-Agent Systems.She highlighted the fact about Multi-Agent Systems being an interdisciplinary discipline and the start of something fantastic.She also expressed her delight about how the students were in for a treat.

After the opening remarks, Dr. Sifat Momen began the seminar by explaining the Complex Systems and the Multi-Agent Systems. He also explained the examples of a self organized system in which the world consists of agents having 3 rules created by Craig Reynolds.He further explained how biological inspiration were used in engineering applications.He demonstrated that in his slides using stick pulling experiment, nest construction as well as shelter experiment using cockroaches as examples.He also conducted a simulation using a sample model of flocking and also showed how rumor mills worked.He ended his speech by telling students how biologists and engineers have a lot to learn from each other.He also advised them to look into things from different perspectives and to be open minded.

Then Dr. Shahnewaz Siddique started his speech by explaining how AI based Robotics was a multidisciplinary and collaborative field. He showed two videos-Boston Dynamics and Stanford Robot Dog on Youtube of learning robots(state of the art).He further explained how these robots work by learning from various situations.He also explained using simulation based work of his NSU students as examples.Further in his speech he demonstrated in his slides on multi robot systems, AI enabled Satellite system, satellite collision avoidance using neural networks and reinforcement learning for robots.

There was a question-answer session at the end of each presentation which was participated by many curious minds.Our speakers patiently addressed all of the participant’s questions.The seminar was concluded by giving the speakers a token of appreciation by Dr. Lamia Iftekhar.