Technical Talk on ‘Journeying Through the Cosmos: Insights of ISRO’

The IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group at Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Engineering and Technology (RGMCET) organized an enlightening technical talk on October 7, 2023. The event was conducted virtually through Google Meet and focused on the fascinating topic, ‘Journeying Through the Cosmos: Insights of ISRO,’ featuring Smt. Mangala Mani, the first Polar Woman of ISRO, as the guest speaker.

Dr. J. Sofia Priya Dharshini, the Faculty Advisor of WIE AG at RGMCET, was the driving force behind the organization of this insightful event. She orchestrated a remarkable agenda, covering various themes related to space exploration, ISRO’s contributions, and the importance of women in STEM fields.


Key Takeaways from the Event:

  1. Cosmos Exploration: The talk commenced with an exploration of the vast cosmos and the mysteries that lie beyond our planet. Smt. Mangala Mani provided a captivating overview of the cosmos, setting the stage for a fascinating journey through the universe.
  2. Themes in ISRO’s Work: The presentation delved into the numerous themes that govern ISRO’s missions, such as satellite technology, interplanetary exploration, and space research. These themes underscored the remarkable scope and diversity of ISRO’s endeavors.
  3. Visualizing the Universe: The audience was treated to captivating visuals and simulations that allowed them to grasp the enormity of the cosmos and the complexity of space missions. This visual aspect added depth and engagement to the discussion.
  4. Exoplanet Exploration: Smt. Mangala Mani highlighted the recent advancements in exoplanet exploration, shedding light on the significance of understanding other celestial bodies and their potential for supporting life.
  5. Our Solar System: A significant portion of the talk was dedicated to exploring our own solar system, emphasizing the importance of planetary exploration and the vital data that ISRO has contributed in this regard.
  6. Women in STEM: Throughout the event, the speaker emphasized the role of women in STEM fields and shared her personal journey as the first Polar Woman of ISRO. Her achievements served as an inspiration for the audience, especially young women considering careers in science and technology.
  7. Insights of ISRO: Smt. Mangala Mani provided valuable insights into ISRO’s missions, accomplishments, and future endeavors. She highlighted the organization’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of space exploration.


Interaction Session:

The event concluded with a Q&A session, allowing participants to engage with Smt. Mangala Mani and gain further clarity on various aspects of ISRO’s work and space science in general.



At the conclusion of the event, as a token of appreciation and gratitude, a small virtual memento was presented to Smt. Mangala Mani by the IEEE WIE AG RGMCET. This gesture of recognition symbolized the respect and admiration for her outstanding contributions to the field of space science and her role as an inspirational figure for aspiring women in STEM.

This event was a resounding success, leaving participants with a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity about the cosmos and the limitless opportunities that the field of space science offers.