IEEE MVSR Student Branch as a part of the IEEE Day celebration organized an enlightening and informative session on 8th October 2023 titled “TechScribe: The Art of Technical Paper Composition”. This webinar aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to transform their projects into high-quality technical papers.

Dr. D. Harikrishna is a Senior Member of IEEE. He is a Secretary for the PES/IAS/PELS Joint Chapter, IEEE Hyderabad Section. He is the IEEE MVSR Student Branch Counsellor and Associate Professor in the EEED, having 21 years of experience in teaching. Notably, he boasts an impressive portfolio of 20 publications in esteemed National and International Journals and Conferences to his credit.

The webinar session commenced with Ms. B. Anoushika, Vice-chair, IEEE MVSR SB, extending a warm welcome to Dr. D Hari Krishna, Secretary PES Joint Chapter, IEEE Hyderabad Section, and all the participants. Subsequently, the session was handed over to Mr. Sai Kumar, Chair, IEEE MVSR Student Branch who gave exciting insights about IEEE annual day celebrations and welcomed our esteemed speaker of the session, Dr. D. Hari Krishna.

Dr. D. Hari Krishna started the webinar by sharing the importance of technical papers and offering a clear distinction between different types of technical papers. He addressed the optimal timing for publishing our papers and provided strategies on how to increase the chances of our papers being accepted. During the session, he explained the format to be followed for writing technical papers, including key elements of technical papers.

According to his expert guidance, a well-structured technical paper should commence with a title, followed by a concise abstract, a description of the work carried out, which includes both conventional methods and the proposed approach, results, a conclusion, and a meticulously curated list of references. 

Furthermore, he shared his impressive contributions in the field of technical papers, having authored and published a remarkable total of 18 papers which received citations from numerous sources.

He also shared a template for writing and publishing IEEE research papers with the participants. This valuable resource can assist numerous students in effectively presenting their innovative ideas and publishing their work to a global audience. He also emphasized that these publications can greatly benefit students, especially when pursuing higher education.

During the session, attendees had the opportunity to raise their queries all of which were addressed and cleared by Dr. D. Hari Krishna. Mr. Sai Kumar, Chair of, the IEEE MVSR Student Branch, then proposed a vote of thanks expressing his heartfelt appreciation to the speaker and all the participants. This marked the conclusion of a highly informative and interactive webinar.

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