Time Management and Prioritization

In celebration of IEEE Day, the IEEE and WIE chapters are excited to announce an 
event aimed at equipping students with essential skills and celebrating the spirit of 
IEEE. We understand that the transition to university life can be both exciting and 
challenging for first-year engineering students. To help ease this transition, we have 
designed an event focused on enhancing time management skills, a key ingredient 
for academic success. 

We are honored to have Eng. Nado Abi-Khattar, a distinguished mechanical engineer 
who graduated from Penn State University, as our guest speaker. Eng. Abi-Khattar 
will lead an informative session on effective time management techniques, sharing 
strategies to alleviate student anxiety and offering valuable advice on achieving 
academic success.

This event is scheduled to occur on Monday, October 2nd, in the engineering 
auditorium at 11:00 AM. As IEEE 2023/2024’s inaugural event, we will conduct an
environment for networking and learning. During the event, we will provide 
refreshments, including snacks and beverages, for our attendees.