Event Description
IEEE Day ’23 transcended the horizon of all expectations with an array of discussions, plenary
talks, games, award ceremonies, among others intended to help participants develop and
improve interpersonal, technical, team and leadership skills.

About the Host Student Branch
IEEE Delhi Technological University Student Branch
IEEE DTU Student Branch, under the aegis of IEEE Global, is the oldest student branch in the
Delhi Section with an illustrious history of over three decades.
Under the invaluable guidance of Dr. J. Panda, IEEE DTU has emerged as one of the most active
and innovative student branches in India. IEEE DTU organizes a plethora of events around the
year such as TECHWEEK, VIHAAN, IEEE XTREME and the annual technical festival TROIKA to
instill a scientific temperament in students and to cater to the needs of their inquisitive nature.
IEEE DTU Student Branch aims to provide a platform for student researchers, besides academic
and professional experts, to share and exchange their ideas.

About IEEE PES IAS Chapter
The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) PES (Power and Energy Society) IAS
(Industry Applications Society) Chapter is a vibrant and dynamic community within the broader
IEEE organization. This chapter is dedicated to advancing the fields of power, energy, and
industry applications. With a focus on knowledge sharing, professional development, and
networking, the PES IAS IEEE Chapter offers a platform for experts and enthusiasts to
collaborate, exchange ideas, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Through a
variety of events, workshops, and seminars, the chapter plays a pivotal role in promoting
excellence in these critical domains, empowering its members to make a significant impact on the

Guest Judges
Prof Jeebananda Panda, Branch Counselor, IEEE DTU
Professor Jeebananda Panda, the Branch Counselor of IEEE DTU, brings a wealth of expertise
and guidance to the table. Professor Panda’s involvement as a judge significantly enriched the
quality of competitions and events, inspiring innovation and excellence within the IEEE DTU

Prof. Rachana Garg, Chairperson of IEEE Delhi Section SAC
Professor Rachana Garg ‘s keen insights and extensive experience in the field of electrical and
electronics engineering made her an invaluable asset in assessing the work and projects
presented by participants.

Prof. Rahul Katarya, Faculty Advisor, IEEE DTU CS Chapter
Professor Rahul Katarya, a renowned scientist, has not only made groundbreaking contributions
to academia but has also served as a distinguished judge in various scientific events. His
extensive achievements, including being recognized as one of the “World’s Top 2% Scientists”
by Stanford University, a “UNESCO Global Scientist” representing New Zealand, underscore his
exceptional expertise. His presence at the competition added new heights of technical prowess
to the judgement process.

Prof. Sonam Rewari, Faculty Advisor, IEEE DTU WIE AG
Professor Rewari’s discerning and objective approach ensures a fair and thorough assessment
of the cases presented by participants, thereby providing valuable feedback and guidance.

Himanshu Nandwar, Research Scholar
Himanshu Nandwar sir’s commitment to academic excellence and research, combined with his
fresh perspective, makes him a valuable asset to the judging panel. His involvement as a judge
contributes to the growth and success of the “Tinker Case” event and inspires participants to
showcase their problem-solving skills and creativity. 

Welcome Address by IEEE DTU:
The event was elaborated on and inaugurated by the Chairperson of the IEEE DTU PES IAS
Chapter, Mr. Sidakpreet Singh. He warmly welcomed all the dignitaries and attendees while
thanking them for their presence.

Felicitation of Dignitaries: 

To mark the commencement of the event, the dignitaries
were felicitated.
Prof. Jeebananda Panda – Branch Counselor of IEEE
DTU, felicitated Prof. Rachana Garg – Chairperson of
IEEE Delhi Section and Student Activities Committee.
Moving forward, Prof. Jeebananda Panda was felicitated
by the Chairperson of IEEE DTU PES IAS Chapter, Mr.
Sidakpreet Singh.
The felicitation ceremony set the tone for a day filled with
intellectual rigor and creative brilliance.